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Treat Your Acne

Precaution For Acne Is Better Than Cure!
Acne is a cause of concern among youngsters and it is best to prevent it at its initial stage. However, it is better to understand the causes behind acne. It is believed that acne is caused by consuming junk food including sweets and fried food. The diet you take must be healthy and balanced in all nutrients.

It is good to supplement your meals with green vegetables and fruits including a lot of fluids such as juices, butter milk and coconut water to bring glow to your face. Drinking water in good quantity is the best remedy for pimples. Fluids detoxify the body and remove extra oil. To prevent acne, it is best to keep your skin free from dirt and wash your face with a good face wash and moisturize it daily.

Pimples are caused by oil called sebum produced in the sebaceous glands which is produced in the deeper layers of the skin. These glands share a duct (a vessel conveying a body fluid) that goes to the skin with a small hair. Acne is also said to have resulted from too much oil being produced in these glands. Clean the face regularly as it helps to remove surface oil and dead skin cells that can clog skin pores.

Over drying your skin is harmful as it may irritate existing acne. Since oil and sweat clog the pores, clean the face properly after an intense exercise. Eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables are good for skin. Make sure that to make your skin glow, it must get all the essential vitamins and minerals.

To remove acne, use products containing benzoyl peroxide. However, it is important to look for ingredients it contains before buying any lotion or cosmetics. The ingredients must suit your skin and should not cause any allergy.

It is always better to search for good quality products which do not contain any harmful chemicals. Avoid popping and squeezing acne as they leave permanent scars. Squeezing sometimes pushes infected material and pus deeper into the skin and it will lead to swelling and redness.

It is always best to seek doctor's advice if acne goes out of control. In worst cases doctor can even suggest a suitable surgery to make you free from pimples and scars.