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Is Your Acne Treatment Costing You A Bomb?
Acne treatment can be quite expensive, especially if you are suffering from severe acne forms like nodules and cysts.
Can Aloe Vera Treat Acne?
Aloe vera can be of great help for acne sufferers. It has skin soothing properties and helps sooth itched and irritated skin.
Are Antibiotics Safe?
Antibiotics are a popular choice when it comes to acne treatments. But are they safe? Well, not really. They do come with their fair share of side effects such as redness, swelling, itching and the like.
Treating Cystic Acne At Home
Cystic acne is perhaps the worst type of acne, which is painful too. It is like a localized infection, which results from choked oil ducts and skin pores. However, there are many techniques to get rid of this intimidating form of acne at home.
Treating Acne While You Are Pregnant
Pregnancy ios a time when a woman's body undergoes a lot many hormonal changes. As a result of these changes, they may have to sometimes suffer from pimples and zits. But, it is not something you need to fret about as the changes in skin are common during pregnancy. It is normal for progesterone level to rise in a pregnant woman thus resulting in unpleasant skin conditions like acne.
Know More About Teenage Acne
Acne is one problem that affects people irrespective of their gender or age. However, it is teenagers who tend to be the most common victims of this skin problem. The primary reason for the same is the numerous hormonal changes that take place during teenage. But, you do not have to live your teen years worrying about ugly pimples and zits. There are simple ways to battle the problem.

When it is about dealing with teen acne, the first and foremost thing that you need to do is follow a proper skin care regime. Following a proper skin care regime is a must for anyone who wishes to achieve a healthy and flawless complexion. Ideally, a skin care routine should include three basic essentials- cleansing, toning and moisturizing.
Use Olive Oil To Treat Acne Scars
If you are struggling with acne scars, olive oil could be of great help. Dab some olive oil on your scars every night before you go to help.
How To Cure Super Acne
Acne is a common problem among teenagers and adolescents. The imbalance in the hormone levels triggers the sebaceous glands to produce excess oil that clogs the pores which harvest acne causing bacteria. The hormonal imbalance can be a cause of stress and pressure. The other causes are environmental pollution and lack of proper sleep and improper lifestyle.
Back Acne Treatment
Acne on the back appears due to the same reason for which it appears on the face. The pores of the skin get clogged because of the overproduction of the sebum or the natural oil of the skin.
What Is Acne?
Though there are numerous skin problems, it is acne that is the most common. Millions of people across the world suffer from this skin disorder. While some think of acne as a bad spell, there are others who think of it as a contagious disease. Not many people know, what acne really is. If you are one of them, the following information will be of great help to you.
A Few Inexpensive Acne Treatments
The skin problem of ugly pimples and zits is very common. An increasing number of people irrespective of age or gender can be seen suffering from acne. Many people are of the opinion that acne treatment is a very expensive venture that may require the sufferer to shell out exorbitant amounts at the dermatologist's clinic. However, this is just a myth. You can get rid of your acne woes with the help of several pocket friendly measures as well. Here is a list of such cost effective acne treatments.
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